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Food systems research for Feedback Global

Feedback Global is an environmental advocacy group working to regenerate nature by transforming our food system.

Project: Alternative proteins and meat/dairy sales

Title: Researcher

Timeline: September-December 2022

Role: Developing a report that makes the case for supermarkets to explicitly reduce their sales of meat and dairy given issues with the scalability, affordability, and food justice implications of some alternative proteins.

Project: Campaign analysis

Title: Researcher

Timeline: March-July 2022

Role: Analyzing successful campaigns against fossil fuels and industrial livestock to identify best practices on messaging, tactics, and coalition-building, to feed into a wider strategy on campaigning against "Big Meat" for Feedback and partners in the EU and the US.


Project: EU food waste reduction targets

Title: Policy researcher

Timeline: March-June 2022

Role: Developing a comprehensive policy report that makes the case for stronger EU regulation on food waste to be used in Feedback's campaigning and advocacy efforts.

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