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Springer Urban Agriculture Book Series: Urban/Peri-Urban Agriculture and Forced Displacement

A forthcoming volume planned for the Springer Urban Agriculture Book Series, 'Urban/Peri-Urban Agriculture and Forced Displacement' examines the role of urban agriculture in supporting short food supply chains, food security, gender equity, and social cohesion and inclusion for forcibly displaced persons (FDPs) and host communities, as well as urban sustainability and resilience more broadly.

Title: Co-Editor

Timeline: April 2021-ongoing

Role: As a co-editor for the book and focal point for external contributions, I have closely supported development of the book concept, with the aim of creating the first typology of urban agriculture in displacement settings. I am also responsible for conducting literature reviews, compiling new and existing case studies, corresponding with contributors, and editing and writing certain book chapters. My other co-editors are Andrew Adam-Bradford, René van Veenhuizen, Mary Njenga, and Joe Nasr.

What I'm most proud of: Developing a book concept for the first time and working alongside leading practitioners in the field of urban agriculture and forced displacement.

Read more about UPA and Forced Displacement here:

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